A Celebration of Womanhood and Diversity

For this year’s celebration of women’s day, we are celebrating our superwomen from our very own arena, being an inspiration to all of us. According to the theme of this year, that is, #breakthebias, our guest is also someone who has proved her worth and excelled in every field that she stepped on. We intend to celebrate the life and work and be inspired by her courage, determination, and perseverance.
The guest and speaker for our event is Dr Shaila Akhter (PhD in Astrophysics, The University of New South Wales, Australia); astrophysicist, science communicator and educator. She is an alumna of our very own department, Applied Physics. Electronics and Communication Engineering. After graduation from the University of Dhaka, she pursued Master of Engineering from the Australian National University (ANU). After successfully doing some jobs including as a telecom engineer, she embarked on a journey of Astrophysics. She completed her MPhil from ANU and after that she pursued PhD from the University of New South Wales, Australia.
Her PhD was jointly from the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. It’s the top innovation organization and has a partnership with NASA in Australia.
She has been an academic at UNSW and along with that she has worked both in optical and radio astronomy. She has been a promising researcher from the very beginning of her career and her research area includes topics such as star formation, interstellar medium, Milky way galaxy, galactic astronomy, etc. She was awarded with many accolades as a recognition of her talent and the work she has done.
Being a stellar academic and researcher, she has an enormous interest in mental health and personal development, and she does counseling voluntarily. She effectively works and spends time in the aforementioned areas.
Having Shaila Akhter as our honorable speaker in the event, we hope to be inspired by her dynamic career and learn how she has managed everything. We will get to know what hurdles she had to face and how she overcame every challenge. In addition to that, we will also get to know how she moved from applied physics to a field like astrophysics and her successful journey along the path.
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