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VLSI engineer has good future compared to other fields. Day by day a good number of products are converted into electronic goods for our daily usage. Because of all these innovation products are having some form of IC chip embedded in it. In 2019, worldwide sales are expected to reach 412.09 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. Semiconductors are crucial components of electronics devices and the industry is highly competitive. Market demand for experts VLSI engineer is increasing worldwide, which also includes Bangladesh. To grab this opportunity of future we need VLSI and to get expertise on VLSI or Chip design we need TAHOE.

Speaker Profile

Aliya Shafquat is the Founder and CEO of Tahoe Limited. Aliya did her M. Sc. from Virginia Tech with emphasis on VLSI design and Semiconductor Devices and Fabrication. Aliya has over 18 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. She worked on Intel’s Itanium Merced processor [64-bit microprocessor] design and verification, and worked on a series of other 64-bit processors. Her experience includes leading debug tasks and technical teams for gate-level simulation and fault grading, for various design milestones/stepping of complex processor design cycle.