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Online Workshop on Explore ML with Crowdsource Google


Crowdsource aims at bringing diversity and inclusion to Machine Learning (ML) through a gamified platform that empowers users to directly train Google’s artificial intelligence systems and make Google products work equally well for everyone, everywhere. Crowdsource’s global community comprises passionate individuals, who bring their unique background, experiences, and perspectives to Crowdsource, to improve Google products for everyone. In addition to that, open-sourced data via Crowdsource enables the developer and research community at large to advance the state of the art of technology, with diversity in mind.
Crowdsource recently announced the ‘Explore ML with Crowdsource’ program, where Crowdsource Influencers, trained by engineers and domain experts at Google, will conduct Machine Learning workshops using content/resources developed and curated by Google ML experts and Crowdsource. It would be an exciting learning opportunity for students to understand the basics of machine learning and get certified by Google after attending the workshop. 
• The workshop is free.
• The workshop is open for all (IEEE and non-IEEE members).
• The workshop’s access link will be sent only to the participants via email who will fill up the above-mentioned form.
• The workshop will be conducted by Crowdsource Influencers, trained by engineers and domain experts at Google