Webinar on ‘Crafting a research: from “Hello world” to publication’

Crafting a research from "Hello World" to Publication

Webinar on “Crafting a research: from “Hello world” to publication.”
Event date: 30th April 2022
Time: 3PM BST
Platform: Online (Zoom)
Registration Fee: Open For All

Every year, IEEE SIGHT Day is recognized to foster a spirit of community for the global SIGHT network, increase awareness of IEEE SIGHT within IEEE, promote the opportunity to support SIGHT financially, and celebrate the impact that the SIGHT volunteers and groups are making.

IEEE SIGHT Student Branch University of Dhaka has been an active group working on different humanitarian projects to solve local problems. In celebration of IEEE SIGHT Day 2022, IEEE SIGHT SB DU brings you the webinar “Crafting a research: from “Hello world” to publication” on 30th April 2022, with our guest, Anindya Das Antar, a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, founding chair of IEEE SIGHT SB DU.

The guest will be discussing steps to plan and execute for research, and the subsequent procedures needed for its publication in journals or conferences. He will also be discussing graduate admissions and how prospective graduate university applicants can strengthen their profiles by
participating in various domestic and international competitions. The webinar is primed to be a question-answering session. Participants are encouraged to ask questions through the registration form or during the webinar.

The speaker, Anindya Das Antar, is a doctoral student under Dr. Nikola Banovic at the University of Michigan. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Dhaka in Electrical Engineering and has been a visiting researcher at Osaka University. During his time at DU, he has won numerous international robotics competitions and idea contests like Global Robotics Challenge (GRC), and IIT’s Techfest. Aside from that, he
already has 22 publications and 250+ citations.
He works in Applied Machine Learning, Computational Modelling, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). His primary focus of work is to analyze how activities and behaviors of patients correlate with their disease symptoms through data collected from mobile devices, smart wearables, and instrumented environments and how technology can coach them to modify their complex routines to be productive, healthy, and safe.

We invite you all to register for the event, you can find the link below. Hopefully, it will be an amazing session with all your spontaneous participation.

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/ejn3StbHB7yuSWHSA


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